Say a little and say it well.
~ Irish Proverb
While the world in which we communicate has changed dramatically, and continues to do so at a staggering rate, the principles of successful communication remain the same as ever: good, strong writing in plain, simple language. 
This is true whether for traditional or social media, or whether in-person, in print, or on-line. This back-to-basics principle is the bedrock of the service you can expect from TheCommsGuy.


TheCommsGuy provides focused communications products and services in the following four areas:

Writing and Editing

Newsletters, news releases, backgrounders, fact sheets, speeches, profiles, brochures, presentations, Web materials, annual reports, scripts, op-ed pieces, ghostwriting, editing and proofreading – from articles and other documents to creative writing products and short stories.
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Client, employee and stakeholder engagement strategies, plans and programs.
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Strategic Communications

Internal and external communications, social media and promotion strategies, plans and programs.
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Event Design, Planning, and Management

Design, planning and delivery of all-staff events, engagement activities, conferences, info sessions, and others.
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About TheCommsGuy
TheCommsGuy is a one-man communications consultancy based in Ottawa which provides communications advice and products with a focus on: writing and editing; internal and external communications and engagement strategies, plans and programs; and event design, planning and management.

Gary Warnock spent his entire career introducing himself as “TheCommsGuy“ and honing his craft as a communications professional with the Government of Canada. From Vancouver to Halifax to Ottawa with some ten federal departments, Gary began his career directly out of college as a Public Affairs Assistant; his last comms position was as Director of Communications and Engagement for the HR Services Branch of one of the federal government’s largest organizations – Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC).

Gary embraced his role as TheCommsGuy with a strong and creative skill set in writing, engagement, strategic advice and planning, and event design and management, all with a passion for and dedication to service to Canada, Canadians, and his public service colleagues. In 2012, he was awarded The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for Service Excellence within the Government of Canada. From 2006 to 2012, Gary was TheCommsGuy in his community, serving as a volunteer member of the Board of Directors and as Chair of the Communications Committee of People, Words and Change, an Ottawa-based literacy organization that provides free, one-to-one tutoring for adults wishing to improve their reading, writing, basic math and computer skills.

Gary retired from the Public Service of Canada in 2016 but couldn’t stay away. He established TheCommsGuy so he could continue to share his communications expertise, creativity and passion in supporting current and new generations of public service, private sector and community leaders.

Gary Warnock - TheCommsGuy

Gary Warnock, a 30-year veteran communicator with the Government of Canada, is TheCommsGuy.
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